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This week there is an unprecedented, four-day summit, convened by Pope Francis regarding the worldwide sexual abuse of children by the clergy.
“We must look this monster in the face without fear if we really want to conquer it,” said Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti.
But every day we see the monster growing. Secrets and scandals at the heart of the Catholic Church in every state and in every country around the world.
In my opinion until the Catholic Church doesn’t just talk “zero tolerance” but institutes “zero tolerance” of child sexual abuse, CATHOLICS, HAVE A MORAL OBLIGATION TO CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING:
Action Points – My OPINION

  • Stop supporting your local Catholic Church in any way.
  • Stop putting money into the collection plate.
  • Stop attending services until “zero tolerance” is put into action.

Never leave your child alone at any time with a priest or member of the clergy (bishops, cardinals) for any reason whatsoever.

  • Stop leaving your kids or any unaccompanied minor alone with a priest, member of the clergy, bishops, cardinal, camp counselors, Catholic church teacher, nun, youth group leader, therapist, athletic director, prayer group leader, at any Church event, social, or Sunday service!

Never allow a member of the Church to drive, travel or be with your child unaccompanied anywhere. Whether it be a church sponsored sporting event, an out of state youth event, pizza parlor, quick ice cream trip, church choir event, during confirmation, during the sacrament, at a wedding, funeral, or communion.

The clergy has lost the right to our trust.

  • If your children attend Catholic school, appoint a rotating mother or parent to monitor the classroom. Never let a doctor, priest or therapist from the Catholic church or referred by the Church, examine or discipline your child without an adult in the room at all times. Take notes, document your visit, document the date, time, what was discussed. Don’t even leave for a bathroom break. Treat the clergy and those referred to by the clergy as the potential sexual predators, that far too many have proved to be.
    You wouldn’t leave your child with a suspected child molester? Why leave them with potential child molesters just because they are dressed like men of God?
  • Stop attending Sunday services, prayer groups, church gatherings, church groups, church trips, outings or event of any kind.
  • Demand that your local Catholic Church immediately turn over to police, local, state and federal authorities, any allegations, all documentation or reports of sexual abuse of women and children by clergy or the Church.

Document, document, document every incidence of sexual abuse.

  • If you are a victim of clergy sexual abuse, or a parent or guardian of a child sexually abused by a clergy member, document, video tape, audio tape (check audio/video state taping consent laws) all incidences, evidence, proof, of sexual misconduct by the Church, clergy, bishops, cardinals, church hierarchy, church doctors, donors, church counselors. Retain all evidence, articles of clothing, date book, e-mails, texts, photos and place in a safety-deposit box or secure location. Tell a friend, parent, trusted adult. Document who you told, when you told them and what was said. Date it. Make three copies and store in three separate secure locations.
  • Boycott the Catholic Church until the Vatican changes Canon law to require that cases of child sexual abuse and sexual assault be referred to outside law enforcement for investigation and criminal prosecution. (Canon Law is the legal system of the Vatican with its own laws, legal interpretation, judges, courts, legal codes and penalties. It is not civilly binding outside of the Vatican). Canon law be reformed to require those credibly accused of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual violence, be referral to police and local state and federal authorities to the criminal justice system for prosecution enforcement and incarceration in the state or federal where the abuse occurs.Currently, priests, bishops and those credibly accused of child sexual abuse can flee to the Vatican and be protected in Vatican City by Roman canon law depriving victims of justice.
  • Demand that the Catholic Church be tried as war criminals at The Hague Court for their crimes against humanity for their worldwide sexual abuse of children. Demand that the Church make reparations to their victims worldwide as violators of the crimes against humanity. Bankrupt the Catholic Church’s coffers because they have behaved in morally bankrupt ways. Treat the Catholic Church like other accused sex traffickers with the same criminal and civil prosecutions and penalties. Sex trafficking is sex trafficking even if it’s done under the guise of religion. Prosecute those in the Catholic Church who know, cover up, remain silent, or take no action where there are credible reports and evidence of child sexual abuse and sexual assault.That will demonstrate zero tolerance.

In Summary:
To the brethren in the Catholic Church: When children and adult survivors of clergy sexual abuse credibly told their horrific stories of child sexual abuse at the hands of clergy, bishops and cardinals, you hired lawyers, private investigators, launched disinformation campaigns, to disparaged, discredited and damage victims bravely speaking out.
You put your might into protecting the Catholic Church and you did not speak out for survivors.
You attacked the victims as liars and bought their silence using threats, bribes and organized crime-family intimidation tactics.
When the Church targeted the judiciary, labeling judges and decisions the Church didn’t like as illegitimate, we heard not a word. When the Church moved priests who had sexually abused children for years in the dead of night, secretly to Africa, Asia and Latin America, you were co-conspirators in the wholesale sexual abuse of children worldwide.



“Being sexually abused at such an early age was the scar on my soul. But I feel like it ultimately made me into the person I am today. I understand the journey of life. I had to go through what I went through to be here. But now it’s time to take action to save the next generation of women and children from what we went the

Shari Karney is a survivor’s attorney. She represents victims of child sexual abuse by sexual predators such as a member of the clergy, a teacher, celebrity, sports coach, wealthy businessman or any other powerful person, Karney Law is here for you.

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