Sexual Assault and abuse occur where there is an imbalance of power between the victim and the abuser. The abuser is the powerful one. The sexual assault victim is powerless.

Nowhere is this power imbalance more obvious than between music icon and those eager to break into the music business, sports heroes and those longing to be in the world of sports, world famous photographers and actors trying to further their careers, or break into the industry, directors on set, who control everything in the environment, and have unlimited power and access to all of those on set, studios, networks, streaming platforms, entertainment industry icons, celebrities with great wealth and power who advantage of those less powerful.

These rich, white, powerful predators feel invincible and that they can get away with anything.

Added to this lethal mix of fame and power, is sex and drugs. Drugs, which render a victim helpless with the words, “Here, take these.”

Whether the alleged abuser is Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, R. Kelly, Louis CK, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey, Bill O’Reilly, Woody Allen, the president of Amazon Studios, Darren Sharper, Terry Richardson, or an executive at Google, wealthy businessmen, tech giants, celebrity chefs, athletes, politicians if you’ve been sexually assaulted by a celebrity businessman or icon, we are here to help at Karney Law.

Shari Karney has dedicated her life to helping victims of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape.