I share your pain. I too am a victim of child sexual abuse and physical abuse. I have been where you are, and know what you are going through. Coming forward, you are shining a light on the darkness, bravely sharing your secret, and saving another child from being abused, stopping a predator from harming another child. — Shari Karney

“You, survivor/ clients, are my heroes”.

Every day, I help victims of childhood sexual abuse reclaim their power and hold institutions accountable for allowing those abuses to occur. My history as a victim, survivor, and attorney, who changed the law in California to extend the statute of limitations (and worked with 40 other states) so victims could hold their perpetrators accountable. I pioneered the first extension of the statute of limitations for child victims of sexual abuse. I know what it is like to be silenced, blamed, shamed, disbelieved, disowned by family and institutions. To turn against ourselves instead of fighting our abusers.

What self-hatred, self-abuse, shame, silence, depression, anxiety, addiction, has done to so many of our lives. Now is the time for justice for child victims of sexual abuse. Enough is enough. You are not alone. You did nothing wrong.

You were an innocent child-teen-young boy or girl and a predator took advantage of your innocence, vulnerability, and lack of power, for their own sexual gratification. Now it’s time to get justice for you.

For decades, I have fought to empower adult survivors to break silence, have a voice, and fight for accountability. To anyone who may be holding onto a secret and the pain of being sexually abused as a child, know that I will protect your privacy and anonymity. I will believe you and listen to you, and we will fight for you. I have been where you are, and I know what you are going through. I am one, of very few, survivor attorney advocates, who have devoted my life, to getting justice for you, for all of us. Now is the time. Do not wait until it’s too late.