Every day millions of Americans send their children off to school, without even realizing that there may be an opportunistic child sexual predator just waiting for the right moment to abuse your child.

You may have been one of those children sexually abused by a teacher, school, employee, coach, administrator.

There are signs all along the way. As a child you were too young or too innocent understand that you were being groomed for child sexual abuse. You may have welcomed the extra attention, care and affection at first. Remember, perpetrators go where there are children. And the worst are opportunistic pedophiles that prey on the most vulnerable. They will pick the easiest child to sexually assault, and the child least likely to speak up or tell. They will pick the shy, withdrawn, loner child. That child may have been you.

Yet the school districts, the employees, the principals, and those responsible for your safety, failed to protect you. These teacher/school predators meticulously groom their victims, endearing themselves, testing you, and building trust.

Karney Law will represent you if you have been sexually abused as a student by a teacher, coach, or other school employee or official, at both public and private schools, religious and secular schools. To hold these third-party schools/institutions responsible, victims must generally show that the organization “owed a duty of care” to protect them, and that the organization’s negligence or wrongdoing ultimately resulted in the child sexual abuse.