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We Agree with Judge Marra!

As an attorney who has handled sexual abuse cases involving underage victims for over 20 years, the treatment of some of the most helpless victims by then-U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta (now Trump Administrator Labor Secretary) in the Jeffrey Epstein case is stunning and egregious.

Jeffrey Epstein’s deal with federal prosecutors wasn’t normal. The men who arranged it broke the law when they signed a secret plea agreement with billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Palm Beach judge, ruled Thursday. Jeffrey Epstein was represented by Sexgate prosecutor Ken Starr and celebrity attorney Alan Dershowitz who created the secret 2008-plea deal with Acosta, then Miami’s top federal prosecutor, without the alleged victims’ knowledge.

U.S. District Judge Kenneth A. Marra ruled that the decision to keep more than 30 of Epstein’s accusers in the dark about the non-prosecution deal that allowed Epstein, a billionaire with political connections, to avoid federal prosecution was unconstitutional.

Acosta treated the victims as “throw-away girls.” His actions even more outrageous given the accusations in the case: For six years, Jeffrey Epstein allegedly ran a sex trafficking ring that preyed on more than 30 girls, some as young as 13, and personally raped and sexually assaulted many of them. But though there are strict federal laws designed to address this type of egregious conduct, Epstein was allowed to plead guilty to state, not federal, charges pursuant to a non-prosecution agreement (NPA) with federal prosecutors in 2015 and received an appalling lenient sentence amounting to a slap-on-the-wrist. By signing the deal, Marra rule, Acosta and other DOJ lawyers violated the Crime Victims’ Rights Act (CVRA), which guarantees victims the right to speak with prosecutors.

“Petitioners and the other victims should have been notified of the Government’s intention to take that course of action before it bound itself under” a plea agreement, Marra wrote in the 33-page opinion, which mentioned Acosta multiple times.

“When the Government gives information to victims, it cannot be misleading,” the judge wrote. “While the Government spent untold hours negotiating the terms and implications of the NPA with Epstein’s attorneys, scant information was shared with victims. Instead, the victims were told to be ‘patient’ while the investigation proceeded.”

Judge Marra’s ruling, concluded a 10-year investigation into Epstein’s plea deal, which revealed hundreds of emails showing how Acosta and other prosecutors worked with Epstein’s legal team to conceal the deal from victims and the public.

When asked about it during a Friday afternoon appearance in the Oval Office Trump shrugged it off and said “I know he’s done a great job as Labor Secretary, and that seems like a long time ago.”
However, something that no one is supposedly talking about is an alleged twice-filed civil lawsuit against Donald Trump brought be a woman using the alias “Katie Johnson” who allegedly claimed that Trump “sexually and physically” abused her at parties hosted by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein when she was 13 years old and then threatened her to ensure her silence.”

Politico is reporting, that the “One weird court case linking Trump and a billionaire pedophile is a woman suing in connection with Jeffrey Epstein’s underage sex ring, who claims she was first approached while working as a towel girl at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.” Virginia Giuffre’s civil suit, scheduled to go to trial later this month, threatens to expose new detail of a long-running saga tying together President Donald Trump, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, and other prominent figures to billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.” According to Politico, Epstein, was once a regular at Mar-a-Lago.

“Being sexually abused at such an early age was the scar on my soul. But I feel like it ultimately made me into the person I am today. I understand the journey of life. I had to go through what I went through to be here. But now it’s time to take action to save the next generation of women and children from what we went the

Shari Karney is a survivor’s attorney. She represents victims of child sexual abuse by sexual predators such as a member of the clergy, a teacher, celebrity, sports coach, wealthy businessman or any other powerful person, Karney Law is here for you.

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